Stillwater Chamber News

Jan 31, 2018

Zach Owens named YPS 360

Zach began his career in banking as a teller nine years ago. “This has afforded me the opportunity to work the front lines as a teller, serve customers as an account representative, improving regulatory strength through internal auditing, and finally, helping my customers meet their financial needs through lending,” Owens said. “Working in the financial space has allowed me to cultivate relationships, give back to my communities, and serve those in need.”

Zach is very passionate about Stillwater and surrounding community.” This community has been great to my family and me,” he said. “The show of support here, whether it be for OSU Cowboys, local businesses, or simply toward one another is unparalleled! The environment here makes you want to do your part in making Stillwater better every day.”

Zach is definitely involved in the community and philanthropic with his time. He currently serves as President for the Leadership Stillwater Alumni Association, board member for Oklahoma Wondertorium, serves on Finance Committee for the Stillwater Bowl-Fest, First United Methodist Church, and on the Networking Committee for Young Professionals of Stillwater.

Zach has many mentors and built many relationships, but the most important piece of advice regarding his career came from his father. This advice came when he was complaining about having to do work with a shovel–“If you just fill the back of the shovel up, the front will take care of itself”. Although it seemed sarcastic at the time, this quote has been very valuable to Zach. “That quote has been valuable to me,” he said. “Experience shows that if you will just work as hard as you can and do right by others, the rest of it will take care of itself.”

Zach is honored to be recognized as an Emerging Leader Under 40 Top Leader and YPS360 feature.

“I am happy to be a part of an organization such as YPS,” Owens said. “Meeting and networking with like-minded young professionals is crucial to the strength and future growth of communities like Stillwater. I am sincerely appreciative of this opportunity.”

Zach’s 5 Favorites

Favorite Restaurant – Louie’s

Favorite Business Book – “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions” John C. Maxwell

Best Stillwater Hidden Gem – Cindy’s Pizza

Favorite Vacation Spot – New York City

Best Place for Wings – My House