Locate & Expand

Honored by CNN Money Magazine as one of "The Top 100 Places to Live" - Stillwater is a proud community built on its pioneer heritage and spirited citizens. Born on the frontier, Stillwater is still charging ahead in new territories for you to settle and grow your business. 

Stillwater, Oklahoma is midpoint between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and is centrally located as a national corridor of business, learning, and living. We are an easy access point in a strong regional market.
A site for R&D, Stillwater is home to three academic and educational institutions, millions of dollars in grants, and a competitive population.
Business Climate
Along with our favorable business environment and low cost of living, we provide customizable incentive packages to further develop your business and our community.
While publicly owned utilities are competitive and capable to meet all business needs, our low tax rates and economical properties will propel your business through any growth stage.
Whether you are looking to relocate or expand, or seeking for specialized professionals or new networking opportunities, Stillwater provides the tools and resources to match any growth with the right development. We work to ensure success.

Doing Business in Oklahoma
Oklahoma has been ranked as one of best states for cost of doing business and pro-business environment. Here's the facts:
  • CNBC ranked Oklahoma as #1 in the nation for cost of doing business
  • Oklahoma was named #3 for lowest cost of living in America by CNBC
  • Forbes ranked the Oklahoma pro-business environment #5 in the nation for best economic climate 
Follow this link to visit the Oklahoma Department of Commerce website, and to see why Oklahoma is the State of Success.