Stillwater holds a competitive position in the State of Oklahoma and nationally. Its unique advantage is found in the residents of our city. As a home to a majority of young professionals and an intelligent population, our workforce promises: 
  • Economic Production
  • Responsibility
  • Business Sustainability
Our Competitive Population:
  • Median Age:  24.09
  • Age of Workforce (20-49): 54.9%
  • Education of Workforce (Associate Degree or Greater): 53.03%
  • Unemployment rate: 3.18%
  • Job growth rate in 1 year: 8.25%
Top Industries by Average Earnings:
  • Management of Companies and Enterprises ($85,219)
  • Utilities ($73,413)
  • Wholesale Trade ($56,810)
  • Mining, Quarrying, and Oil/Gas Extraction ($55,177)
Top Employers
  • Oklahoma State University (5,823)
  • Stillwater Medical Center (1,100)
  • Stillwater Public Schools (822)
  • City of Stillwater (578)
  • Walmart (402)
  • Bank SNB (305)
  • Oklahoma Career Technology (280)
  • Kicker / Stillwater Designs (190)
  • National Standard (190)
  • ASCO Aerospace USA (175)
  • Ocean Dental Headquarters (175)
  • Frontier Electronics (150)
  • Meridian Technology Center (143)
  • Armstrong World Industries, Inc. (115)
  • Flir Technology (85)
Top programs completed in the area include business, engineering, education, and agriculture operations and sciences - with over 1,400 completed business and 550 engineering programs annually.

A historic background and strong market in manufacturing, energy, agricultural science and technology, healthcare, financial services, and professional services continue to attract companies of all sizes. Strategic efforts have created an unique environment for aerospace technology, the UAS sector, education technology, and entrepreneurship.
Energetically Seeking and Investing in:
  • Aerospace Technology  
  • Education Technology
  • Energy, Renewable Energy
  • Emerging Technology and Services 
  • Agriculture Science and Technology
  • Information Systems and Financial Institutions
Oklahoma Aerospace
Oklahoma is strong in the UAS industry and Stillwater has the resources to lead.
Oklahoma has several unique factors to its emerging Aerospace Technology Market.
  • FAA Restricted Access (airspace not controlled by Military)
  • Unmanned Systems Alliance of Oklahoma (USAO)
Stillwater Resources
Oklahoma State University offers a number of resources built by its exceptional vision in Unmanned Aerial Systems and nationally renowned graduate programs. – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • University Multispectral Laboratory serves to enhance technology transfer and commercialization rates by streamlining innovation-to-development cycle. Stillwater is home to the Unmanned Development Center

Quick Facts:
  • Stillwater was included in the top 25 of Luminosity's Smartest Cities and top 50 for skills such as problem solving and flexibility.
  • Oklahoma is 1 of 7 global hubs, and largest in the U.S. for commercial and military maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO)
  • Oklahoma State University is home to the first unmanned systems degree option at the graduate level and remains the only university to offer in the state. 
  • OSU research lab has received a $44 million contract for Unmanned Aerial Systems sensory development