The Stillwater Chamber is interested in hearing how your membership with the Chamber has created success for your business. Testimonies will feature your name, title, and business logo on the Chamber website. Submit a testimony by completely the form below. Submit a Testimony


Todd Thornton, AAA Insurance Agent

"The Stillwater Chamber is the best investment any company can make in their community. From day one everyone at the Stillwater chamber has gone above and beyond to make AAA insurance and Travel feel welcome and a part of this great community. AAA looks forward to our future here in Stillwater and our continued partnership with The chamber of commerce."

Garrett Coates, Absolute Nutrition Owner

"The Stillwater Chamber of Commerce has been one of the best decisions of my business career. Every person there really cares about the members and their success in the town of Stillwater. The Chamber has completely exceeded my expectations. So many connections, relationships, partnerships, and friendships have been made through the works of the Chamber. There's no better way to get your name out there and meet some incredible people than to join the Stillwater Chamber. I'm looking forward to what's in store next for this community."

Jerry Bayliss, AT&T External Affiars Oklahoma

"AT&T has been a proud member of the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce for many years.  Membership will benefit anyone's business from entrepreneurial to corporation. The networking opportunities are invaluable. I encourage everyone to join. Congratulations Stillwater Chamber of Commerce."

CC Crane, Golden Oaks Village Administrator

"Golden Oaks Village values our Chamber membership and our monthly sponsorships of Chamber events, such as "The Connection" and "Business at Lunch".  The Chamber provides excellent advertising exposure, opportunities to effectively network with other business professionals, and a variety of programs and speakers focused on business growth and development. Golden Oaks Village benefits from the Chamber's commitment to serving the needs of their member partners as well as their outreach to the Stillwater community."

Tandie Hastings, President of Operations

"The Chamber of Commerce is an excellent resource for growing your business in Stillwater.  Their professional staff is always willing to help you make the right connections, publicize your events, and promote your business within the community.  Chamber membership has been a valuable benefit and a smart decision for our company. "

Sharyl Pickens, Metro First - Pickens Real Estate Group

"This community-centric organization is Stillwater's best ally. From economic development to member support, Stillwater Chamber delivers a solid service. The staff is knowledgeable, committed, and enjoyable. This membership is the best use of my money, hands down."


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