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Slate Presented for Chamber Board of Directors

Oct 29, 2019
STILLWATER, Okla. (October 28, 2019) - The Stillwater Chamber of Commerce nominating committee and board of directors is proud to present the following slate of candidates for directors of the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.
Nominees for six (6) open director positions:
  • Jeremy Bale, KICKER/Stillwater Designs
  • Daniel Thrasher, Central Electric Cooperative
  • Alex Evers, Stillwater Martial Arts
  • Kacy Litzy, National Standard
  • Paul Priegel, Stillwater Regional Airport
  • Michelle Nabors, Harrison & Mecklenburg Law
Chairman appointees:
  • Jim Rutledge, Community Investor
  • Joe Weaver, Oklahoma State University
The director positions will serve a three-year and appointees a one-year term beginning January 1, 2020. Additional candidates can be nominated by petition as described below.

Process of Petitions

Additional candidates for director can be nominated by petition bearing the signatures of at least fifteen (15) members of the Chamber, together with the signature of the person so nominated, indicating his or her acceptance to serve if elected. Such petition shall be filed with the Nominating Committee within ten (10) days after notice has been given of the names of those nominated. The determination of the Nominating Committee as to the legality of the petition(s) shall be final.
For more information about the Board of Directors, call (405) 372-5573 or email
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