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Camaron Dearinger named June YPS360

May 31, 2019

STILLWATER, Okla. (May 31, 2019) - Our YPS360 Highlight this month is Camaron Dearinger. Camaron has worked with Dearingers for the last ten years and is currently the Director of Sales and Operations. Camaron’s first job out of school was as a bartender at Cigar Bar in Jenks.

Meet Camaron Dearinger!

  1. Career Highlights: "This one is tough and I could go into a couple awards but my favorite highlights about my job are when I work with a client from start to finish on a certain project and it just performs way above their expectations! I love nothing more than seeing my client’s success. Hitting a million in Sales was a great Achievement. Being named top 10 under 40 was great, as well as OSU Career Services Top Employer."
  2. Volunteer Activities: "I love our community and helping as well! I am deeply involved in Stillwater Habitat for Humanity as Fundraising Chair and on Board of Directors. I also am on the Board of Directors for the Saville Center hoping to help put a stop to child abuse!"
  3. What do you think about Stillwater: "I think Stillwater is a beautiful growing community! Over the last 10 years it keeps growing and growing but my favorite part is no matter how big we get we are still a family! No matter the situation or problem we still come together to help each other and that amazes me! The people here is what makes this town special and we have some very special people!"
  4. Best Piece of Advice Given Regarding Your Career: "Patience and hard work will get you exactly to where you want to be!"
  5. Five Favorites List:
  • Favorite Restaurant – Charlestons
  • Favorite Business Book – “Crushing It” by Gary Vaynerchuck
  • Best Stillwater Hidden Gem – Boba Fusion Café is amazing and not many people think about it since it is out of site!
  • Favorite Vacation Spot – Destin, FL in USA and Iceland outside of the US.
  • Best Place for Wings – Wings to Go

“I am humbled I was chosen as an emerging leader and it pushed me to even do more believe it or not! There are so many talented and amazing individuals that were chosen this year and in years past and I am honored to stand beside them."

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