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Crazy Days is almost here!

Jul 08, 2019

STILLWATER, Okla. (July 8, 2019) - For more years than we can count, Stillwater has hosted a citywide sales event to encourage local shopping. Crazy Days is a fun tradition that brings local residents and visitors into the stores that have such an impact on the community. 

Crazy Days gives local merchants a chance to clear out last year's inventory while offering crazy good deals. This year's sales will begin Wednesday, July 17 at 5 p.m. and run through Saturday, July 20. When you're out and about during the weekend, look for participating Crazy Days stickers to make sure you're getting the best deal! You can find something for everyone on Main Street, Perkins, Elm and everywhere in between. 

At Eskimo Joe's, you can find t-shirts for just $5 each, $3 for youth! Kendra Moreland with Stan Clark Companies said the team is excited to host their reject sale again during Crazy Days. 

"Shoppers love the bargains, and we love being a part of the shopping frenzy in our community!"

We have all heard the ads and commercials encouraging each of us to shop locally, but what does this really mean and why is it so important?

  1. The money you spend locally helps improve roads, support public safety and emergency services, and funding quality of life projects. Municipalities in Oklahoma highly rely on sales tax collection.
  2. Shopping locally also creates more jobs within your community. Local businesses are first to donate to causes within the community because the owners are your neighbors and friends. Local stores add flair and uniqueness to town which makes others want to visit to see what it has to offer.
  3. Shopping locally conserves energy and resources, making it more environmentally friendly. Less distance means less transportation and packaging.

By choosing to #shopstillwater, you are supporting entrepreneurism and keeping your dollars local, contributing to the growth of our community and preserving Stillwater's unique identity.

"We like to encourage shopping local throughout the calendar year, but Crazy Days gives everyone the chance to know they're getting a great deal and helping support local business owners at the same time," said Justin Minges, Stillwater Chamber CEO. "Come get your back-to-school shopping taken care of!"

The Chamber of Commerce, City of Stillwater and Visit Stillwater are all working hard to promote great deals and community engagement. To view a list of participating merchants to visit, check out 

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