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Josh Taylor named August YPS360

Jul 29, 2019

STILLWATER, Okla. (July 29, 2019) - Our YPS360 Highlight this month is Josh Taylor. Josh has worked for Oklahoma State University for about a year where he works with students in teaching them how to gain and use their influence and become the best leaders they can be. His first job out of school was as a youth minister in Alameda, CA, an island in the San Francisco Bay. He and his wife, Becky, worked together to mentor 6-12 grade students.

Meet Josh Taylor!

  1. Career Highlights: While I was working at Stillwater High School, one of my highlights was getting to lead a team of students that raised over $560,000 for local charities in four years. At OSU, one of my highlights already was leading the PLC retreat this past summer and meeting the incoming freshmen who are so excited to make a difference on campus.
  2. Volunteer Activities: I get to volunteer with student leaders at a few different locations, but my favorite is getting to volunteer at Our Daily Bread. With Becky, my wife, as the Executive Director, our family gets to be there a lot, and it is always a wonderful experience to help ensure that those in our community who are hungry have access to healthy food!
  3. What do you think about Stillwater: Stillwater has been the perfect place to raise a family. The people of this community are generous and caring. My wife and I met here when we were in college, and for us, it has always been a place full of very special people.
  4. Best Piece of Advice Given Regarding Your Career: A professor once told me that I was one good failure away from being a good leader. I used that idea to create a statement that I use with all of my classes: Failure is not the antithesis of success, but rather a necessary step towards it.
  5. Five Favorites List:
  • Favorite Restaurant – My favorite local restaurant if I’m with my entire family is Red Rock, but for a date night, we love TS Fork, and now it’s local too!
  • Favorite Business Book – For leadership ideas and development I love Blink and The Tipping Point both by Malcolm Gladwell. I also love Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why.
  • Best Stillwater Hidden Gem – Tokyo Pot is a wonderful date night destination!
  • Favorite Vacation Spot – We have been fortunate to have family living in really great places and we love going to see them. So we’ve got to see family in San Francisco, Adelaide Australia, and Israel. For something easier to get to though, the City Museum in St. Louis is awesome!
  • Best Place for Wings – By far the best wings restaurant is Fire on the Mountain! Unfortunately, it’s a local restaurant only in Portland.

 “I am incredibly grateful and humbled by this award or title. I am also, however, reminded that leadership isn’t a title or award. Rather, being an emerging leader is just about making sure that what I do every day matters. The recognition is wonderful, but the fun is the daily work of transforming lives, systems, and communities.”  

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