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Anastasia Mendoza named January YPS360 of the Month

Jan 03, 2020

STILLWATER, Okla. (January 3, 2020) - Our first YPS360 feature of 2020 is Anastasia Mendoza. Anastasia is a middle school English as a second language teacher for Stillwater Public Schools. She’s been in this role for 5 and a half years and also is an active volunteer for Sunnybrook Church. Anastasia was named a Leader Under 40 this past year for her exceptional work and service to the community.

Name: Anastasia Mendoza
Employer: Stillwater Public Schools
Length of employment: 5 1/2 years
Job description: Middle School English as a Second Language Teacher

Career Highlights: Leader Under 40 has been pretty special! Along with opportunities to present and speak at teaching conferences over several years, recipient of several grants including Stillwater Public Education Foundation and UCO's Multicultural Education Institute, but the thank yous and hugs from students whose lives are being impacted by what I do is what really makes this job incredible. 

Volunteer Activities: Oklahoma Association for Bilingual Education board of Officers, helper in young children ministry at Sunnybrook, providing resources and support to immigrant/ELL families in our community, home visits to provide donations gathered from community, mentor to new/emergency certified teachers

What do you think about Stillwater: Home, sweet home. No matter where you go, something always brings you back home to Stilly.

Best Piece of Advice Given Regarding Your Career: at the very beginning of my career as a teacher, my professor and mentor told me to get involved in a professional teacher organization and I joined the Oklahoma Foreign Language Teacher Association. It was the best way I could have started my career because it taught me to continuously learn, then to also share what I know and become a resource for other teachers in the state.

"I am so thankful that I can represent all teachers who work so hard as professionals every day."

5 Favorites
Favorite Restaurant – Mexico Joes
Favorite Business Book – The Power of a Teacher by Adam Saenz
Best Stillwater Hidden Gem – my family loves Lost Creek Safari
Favorite Vacation Spot – Monterey, California
Best Place for Wings – I don't really eat wings, but my husband said Buffalo Wild Wings!

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