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Stillwater Chamber Awards Third Annual Scholarship

Jun 02, 2020

STILLWATER, Okla. (June 1, 2020) - As everything changes in the midst of a pandemic, several things remain the same, including the Stillwater Chamber’s commitment to providing Stillwater graduates an opportunity to pursue higher education with some financial help.

Now in its third year, the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce’s scholarship program recognizes a high school senior committed to attending Oklahoma State University in an effort to alleviate potential barriers to receiving an OSU degree. 

This year’s recipient, Tyme Taylor, plans to earn a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, something he’s spent his high school career preparing for with the help of Meridian Technology Center’s pre-engineering program. 

“Choosing to take part in Meridian’s program was the best choice I could have made,” Taylor said. “I was led through many courses aimed at preparation for college engineering, and my instructors did a wonderful job. I feel confident and ready for college because of these past few years at Meridian.”

Taylor said his time at Meridian taught him an immeasurable number of skills, including best study practices, time management and group collaboration. 

Beyond the classroom, the Chamber of Commerce also seeks to award an individual who positively influences the community in both a philanthropic and entrepreneurial way. Taylor rises above and beyond this requirement, with both a heart for neighbors affected by 2019’s flooding and a passion for owning his own lawncare business. He said having this business has helped him to learn about communicating with others as well as time and financial management. 

“Choosing just one recipient out of a pool of excellent choices is never easy,” said Justin Minges, Chamber President and CEO. “Looking at Tyme’s application, we quickly realized his potential to be a leader in our community. We hope to help his endeavors as much as we can, and we look forward to seeing his impact.”

In addition to Taylor’s senior year being cut short due to COVID-19, several family events have affected the financial need for scholarship assistance. Shortly after his mom’s battle with breast cancer, his dad had to have a brain tumor removed, causing medical bills to put an unplanned strain on their financial situation. 

“My parents have always supported me and raised me to be who I am today,” Taylor said. “I still plan to attend OSU in the fall, but this scholarship will help my family with the expenses of college.”

Congratulations, Tyme!

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