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October YPS360 member is Hailey Payne!

Oct 07, 2020

Our October YPS360 member is Hailey Payne! Hailey has been working for the OSU Foundation for the past four and a half years facilitating fundraising partnerships with other corporations and foundations. She loves to volunteer and give back to the community whenever and however she can. Hailey is always looking for ways to support the things she is most passionate about.                                                                                    

Name: Hailey Payne

Employer: OSU Foundation 

Length of employment: 4.5 years

Job description: I am a fundraiser for OSU that works specifically with Corporations and Foundations.

First Job out of school: Real Estate Agent

Career Highlights: Being recognized as the young professional of the year.

Volunteer Activities: I love to volunteer for things that I am passionate about whether it be through giving financial support or through giving my time and energy. I am very involved in the community and love to give back whenever, however I can. 

What do you think about Stillwater: Stillwater is a wonderful place to raise a family. I love the small town feel where everyone knows everyone. 

Best Piece of Advice Given Regarding Your Career: Fight for what you believe in but know when to choose your battles. 

A Comment About Being a Leader Under 40: I am so honored to be recognized as a Leader Under 40 in the Stillwater community knowing there are so many worthy recipients. There are so many young professionals doing amazing things within the community and I’m excited to be a part of that. 

5 Favorites
Favorite Restaurant – I don’t really have a favorite restaurant. I just like to eat good food with good company!
Favorite Business Book –Anything with enneagrams or personally assessments. 
Best Stillwater Hidden Gem –Good Little Eater dessert!
Favorite Vacation Spot –Cabo 
Best Place for Wings – I’m not really a fan of wings. If I do eat them, they have to be boneless.
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