Agribusiness Award Nominations

Each year, the Chamber’s Agribusiness Committee recognizes businesses and individuals contributing to and succeeding in the Agriculture industry. Winners of each event category will be announced at our annual Agriculture Banquet on April 2. 

Nominations should be made based on the criteria associated with the respective category listed below. Winners will be selected by the Agribusiness Committee after review of each nominee. Only complete nomination forms will be accepted. Self-nominations are welcomed. 

Nominations are due Monday, February 11.

Farm Family of the Year
  • Payne County Producer
  • Is of good character, holding an exemplary reputation
  • Significant portion of family income is received by farming/ranching
  • Good manager and steward of natural resources
Next Generation of Agriculturalist
  • Young and beginning farmer/rancher
  • Planning or starting a career in production agriculture
  • Next Generation of agriculturalists to replace baby boomer producers 
Agribusiness of the Year
  • Chamber member business established in Payne County
  • Exemplifies best business practices
  • Supports agriculture in Payne County through civic engagement

Agribusiness of the Year

1982: Ralph Crane

1983: Galen Holsinger

1984: Haskell Cudd

1985: Earl Gibble

1986: Oliver Kinzie

1987: Gary Franklin

1988: Lionel Harris

1989: Ken Starks

1990: Jay Albright

1991: Gary Crane

1992: Rick, L.F. and Jim Bellatti

1993: Brian McNeil

1994: Galen Holsinger

1995: Cimarron Valley Co-op

1996: Farm Credit Services

1997: Bill Ahrberg

1998: Buddy Flynn

1999: Reproduction Enterprises

2000: Steve Schroeder

2001: Paul and Jamie Richards

2002: Olinghouse Steel

2003: Central Propane

2004: Oklahoma Beef, Inc.

2005: The Railroad Yard

2006: Payne County Farm Bureau

2007: Gregg Pickens Auction and Real Estate

2008: Payne County Bank

2009: Stillwater Steel and Supply

2010: Atwoods

2011: P&K Equipment

2012: Tom Whatley Dozer Service

2013: CREC

2014: SST Software

2015: Tractor Supply

2016: Taylor Dozer Services

2017: Payne County Stockyards




Farm Family of the Year

1972: Jim Williams

1973: Jack Downey

1974: John Williams

1975: Lee Ray Stiles

1976: Myron Denny

1977: Jack Hesser

1978: Russell Westfall

1979: Neil Ham

1980: Dick Fisher

1981: Fred Ryan

1982: Raymond Kinzie

1983: Joe Barta

1984: Edward Ford

1985: Fred Eberhart

1986: Clifton Williams

1987: Raymond Nettles

1988: Glenn Holderead

1989: L.V. “Verl” Walker

1990: James Kuhn

1991: J.B. McCroskey

1992: Fred Schneider

1993: Lester Oyster

1994: Melvin Graham

1995: Oscar Moffat

1996: Jim Harrison

1997: Norman Durham

1998: Bill Meeks

1999: Lester and Ken Judge

2000: Dick Hoffman

2001: Ernie Pickens

2002: Rob and Kathy Taylor


2003: Dan and Jeanne Schroeder

2004: Robert and Penny Wall

2005: Donny and Sheri Chapman

2006: Pete and Pat Schroeder

2007: Richard and Jamie Pratz

2008: Tim and Shelia Taylor

2009: Darrell and Billie Stiles

2010: Dale and Vena Weathers

2011: Victor and Monica Wall

2012: Wayne and Sandi Grider

2013: Clint and Debbie Hixon

2014: Ron and Sheri Bostian

2015: LeGrand Family

2016: Margarita Muñoz

2017: Jim and Barbara Kirby



Next Generation of Agriculturalists

2015: Charlie Taylor

2016: Derrick and Daniel Oyster

2017: G.K. and Stephanie Rossander